Know When To Train Hard...
...without feeling burnt out, so you can maximize your workouts and results.
Grab my FREE Female Athlete Guide to Optimized Performance and recover better, have more consistent training sessions, and manage your body composition.
Discover how to work with your hormones
to optimize performance!
Recover faster and see huge performance gains by learning to train with your cycle (not against it.) 
Learn how to navigate your unique cycle and hormones so you can be consistent during training, and rock your competition. 
Unlock the secret to achieving a healthy body composition while still maintaining healthy, happy hormones.
As a female athlete, Your body is strong, powerful, and fierce.
Your hormones are your superpower. 
When you learn to harness their power, you can be truly unstoppable.
Meet Dr Mandy Swinden ND
I'm Dr. Mandy Swinden, Naturopathic Doctor. As a female athlete performance optimization expert, I help female athletes understand, optimize, and maximize their unique hormones. 

I’m also a former college basketball player, Crossfit competitor, Mom to Apollo, and all-around lover of sport. I know what it’s like to try to balance your training with your busy life AND navigate your fluctuating hormones too.

Through my education as a Naturopathic doctor and my own experience as a female athlete, I’ve created a system that has helped me maximize my athletic performance while still maintaining healthy hormones.

You can train and compete at your best by understanding and utilizing your body’s unique and powerful hormones!
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