You are probably here because you recognize the importance of your hormones and how they can have a significant impact on your health and performance.

You’re feeling confused and frustrated and stuck, not sure how to go about balancing your hormones and working in harmony with them. 

You know how to work hard - in fact, you are really good at working hard! But working harder and harder isn’t helping you achieve your goals. 

You know you need to work smarter, not harder, but are unsure of where to begin. 
The Hormone-Performance Connection
Balanced Hormones, Powered Performance: Work with your hormones, 
so you can reach your athletic potential.
Female athletes are unique. We have a beautifully orchestrated monthly hormone cycle that, when understood, can be used to our advantage. 
Many female athletes are told to do yoga and gentle stretching on their periods and during the premenstrual week. But if you are a competitive athlete, this is not a good plan! Even if you are a recreational athlete, or active individual, you likely don’t want to be told to “rest” for 2 weeks out of the month!

Another common piece of advice women are given is to “listen to your body”. This is poor advice for athletes because we are really good at pushing past our comfort zone, digging deep and ignoring discomfort.

Although women do tend to be quite intuitive, and more in-tune with their bodies, being told to “listen to your body” just isn’t enough. We need some guidelines, some science, and some tried and true methods for working with our hormones.

Women and men are very different. Our physiology, our anatomy, and especially our hormones. We are beginning to recognize more and more how much of a disservice we have done for female athletes by applying research that has been done almost exclusively on males to them. Female athletes have been performing incredible feats of strength, power and athleticism for decades, without using the idea of training with their cycles. Imagine what we can do when we tap into the power of our hormones!

Applying the principles taught in The Hormone-Performance Connection course does require significant effort and various lifestyle changes. These may seem difficult at first, but they become second nature over time. What we are teaching isn’t radical, but it is different from what the current standard in the health, fitness and athletic worlds. 
Knowing where to start can be difficult. Interpreting data is a tricky job and knowing how to apply it is even more difficult. You may have tried to train and eat with your cycle, but find it tedious and difficult because there are only twelve opportunities in one year!

Your time is your most valuable asset, we promise not to waste it!

An hour a week doesn’t sound like a big time commitment, but often with programs like these, there is a much bigger time commitment outside the lesson time slots. 

Between work, training, sleeping 8+ hours/night, grocery shopping and meal prep, you don’t have a lot of extra time to spare. 

You have been through the gamut of nutritionists, trainers and lab tests. 

You may have worked with countless nutritionists, trainers and coaches before, but still have not been able to achieve the results you desire. You may have even had hormone testing performed to see if the hormones were the cause of your lack of consistency. You may have been told that “everything is normal” and you just need to eat less, workout more, or take XYZ supplement, or rest, rest, rest. You are willing to do the work and put some skin in the game, but are tired of the lack of results. You want advice that works, and that is sustainable. 

I get it, because I’ve been there too.

I was once in this position - knowing there was merit to training with my cycle, but I had no idea where to start or what resources were available to me. I had the work ethic and the education, but was still not getting the consistent results I craved. I kept pushing through without realizing I was getting further and further out of hormone balance. Through endless hours of research, clinical experience and personal experimentation, I am happy to report that I have found answers and solid solutions to these issues! 

It is my mission to educate active females about their amazing bodies. It is my mission to teach them in an easy to understand manner, how they can live and train with their hormone cycles, and achieve all they want in sport and in life.
Meet Dr. Mandy Swinden, ND
My journey to recognizing the power of female hormones began several years ago. I was competing in CrossFit, and was pretty darn good at it! I became pretty obsessed with it - I drank the “CrossFit Kool-Aid” as they say.

I first joined a CrossFit affiliate in May 2012, and competed in my first competition in January 2013. I was hooked and wanted to become better and better. I had always been a runner and played competitive sports, and had been weight training since age 19, but this was something much different. It combined so many things that I loved! I was learning so much, I felt so good, and simply could not get enough.

Quite quickly, my life began to revolve around fitness. But not just plain old nutrition and regular exercise, more like hardcore fitness.

I started training 7-8 times/week, tracking my macronutrients, avoiding alcohol, and prioritizing sleep. I took some necessary supplements diligently too. I was in naturopathic medical school at the time, and slowly added in health-promoting items to my regime as I learned them.

Although we dived deep into women’s health and endocrinology in my program, we never discussed female athletes and the important differences between females and males in this setting, or the fact that health and fitness research was primarily done on males.

I had inconsistencies in my training days, but they weren’t drastic enough for me to question. I also had quite irregular menstrual cycles, but assumed this was part of being a female athlete.

It wasn’t until my small inconsistencies started to get more dramatic, and my energy levels, appetite and ability to sleep started really affecting my life that I began to question things and look into why this was happening.

I was doing all the “right” things according to health and fitness research. I was able to help my patients feel great and achieve their fitness goals, so what was going on with me?

I remember doing a business exercise, where I had to take inventory on my patient base and investigate the demographics of the patients I was seeing. As it turned out, the majority of my patient base was male. I thought this was interesting, and that perhaps this was something I needed to look into. Could this be the reason my advice was working well for most of my patients but not for myself? 

I started paying attention, I started doing research, and I started putting A LOT of effort into having a regular, healthy menstrual cycle. I stopped believing the lie that having an irregular or missing period was part of being a competitive athlete, and that the only way to get it back was to stop training. I began implementing all the strategies I learned in my training to become a naturopathic doctor, on how to regulate my menstrual cycle.

It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of patience, but I did it. I found a way to support my hormones, work WITH them, and keep up with my intense training and work schedules. 
Having a regular, healthy menstrual cycle, WITHOUT changing your training schedule, is possible.You can use your hormones to your advantage as a female, and reach your true performance potential.
Strength, power, endurance
 Healthy periods
Fertility awareness
Consistent performance
Body composition optimization
Injury prevention
Learn how to track your cycle, how to read your body, know the status of your hormones, lesson your chance of injury, curb cravings, support body composition goals and perform your absolute best all without:


Because we only have ONE menstrual cycle per month, it can take YEARS to trial-and-error various tactics and strategies to find what works best for you.

The hormone-performance connection offers a system that teaches you how to be smart with your time. The program itself is delivered in bite-sized chunks. This is so that we are not stealing a lot of your time each week, but also to allow you to sit with the information being presented, and figure out how it can best be applied to your life and training schedules


We see female athletes wasting a lot of money on various supplements and nutrition programs that aren’t taking into consideration the female menstrual cycle. 

Your hormones are VERY powerful. Knowing how they work and how to support their cyclic nature can ensure you getting enough bang for your buck when it comes to nutrition and supplementation!


Hormones can be confusing and frustrating, almost as confusing and frustrating as trying to interpret the research on them! 

We have done the work for you, sifted through the studies, and built this signature program that clarifies everything you need to know about your amazing menstrual cycle!


The Hormone-Performance Connection
Balanced Hormones, Powered Performance.
Learn how to work with your hormones, live in flow with them, and utilize their fluctuations to your advantage.

Cultivate, Regulatate, Activate. These are the 3-steps in the Hormone-Performance Connection program, where we educate, and offer solutions to living and training in harmony with your menstrual cycle.

1 hour every week, for 12-weeks, we deep dive into a variety of topics pertaining to female athletes. We discuss the basics, such as sleep and nutrition, but also go into detail about supplements, injury prevention, lab work, environmental medicine and more!

Females are different from males. We need to start living and training with that in mind.


Connect with other THPC students in our private Facebook Group.

Access the video recordings for six months after the course is completed.

What platform will be used for the course?
The course will run live on Monday evenings, 7pm MST on Zoom. The meetings will be done “webinar” style, but you can ask questions at any point during the live calls, by typing them into the question box.
What if I can’t make the live calls?
If you cannot make the live calls, the recordings will be available the next day, and for up to 6 months after the course has ended. We recommend rewatching the weekly lessons as you need to, so that you can thoroughly understand all the concepts and information, and apply them to your life. 
I have an IUD, will I still benefit from the course?
Yes! This knowledge is very beneficial to all females of reproductive age! However, if you are on any sort of hormone therapy, some of the information presented may not be applicable to you while you do not have a natural menstrual cycle.
The world of supplementation is confusing, does the course cover this topic?
Yes! We spend an entire week discussing supplements, which ones are worth your money, which ones are helpful, and of course, which ones are needed specifically for women, and at what phases of the menstrual cycle.  
Will this course help me treat my gynecological condition? (eg. PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids)
Gynecological conditions are quite common, even in athletes. Although we touch on the most common conditions, this course is strictly educational and does offer individual medical advice. If you would like help treating any of these conditions and you live in Alberta, Dr. Mandy or Dr. Bri would be more than happy to work with you one-on-one in their clinical practices.
I participate in a weight class sport, does the course cover weight cuts and hydration?
Yes! Dr. Mandy and Dr. Bri both have extensive athletic backgrounds, and experience working with a variety of female athletes. We go into detail about how women should approach weight loss and hydration, as well as special considerations for making weight in sports where there are weight requirements.

Still have questions?